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Science Department :

Agriculture Faculty
Faculty of agriculture has been developed under self-finance scheme since 2005, affiliated to CSJM University, Kanpur. Faculty is serving to B.Sc.-Ag. students for an under-graduate degree in agriculture. This is an eight semester course spread over four years. There are 480 seats for admission to first semester. Students are admitted via counseling by University or directly at the College on a basis of merit.
Diverse branches available at the faculty are Agronomy, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Agriculture Botany, Soil Science, Soil Conservation and water management, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension and Agricultural Engineering.
Faculty has a 40 acre farm with facilities for irrigation and machinery needed for agricultural activities. Students are given on-hand training in agricultural techniques. Well equipped labs are also available with specific branches for in house training. Faculty has also planned for establishing a dairy farm within the campus near farm.
Department has started “Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) Program” for sharing the academic and practical knowledge among students and actual farmers. Under this programme student stay at an allotted village for six months during VIIth semester according to ICAR norm.
Beside the lecture theaters and labs, faculty consists of chamber for Head, room for staff-members and space for departmental library. One extension lab with broadband internet connection is also available for students. Computer application course is being run for updating the students for computer uses.
Faculty members are Dr. Virendra Singh, NET, Ph.D. (Agric. Botany); Dr. Shiv Shanker, NET, Ph.D. (Agraonomy); Dr. Ram Gopal, Ph.D. (Agronomy); Dr. Awdhesh Kumar, NET, Ph.D. (Soil Cons. & Water management); Dr. Rahul Kumar, NET, Ph.D. (Horticulture); Dr. Sudhir Chandra, NET, Ph.D. (Horticulture); Dr. Amar Bahadur Gupta, NET, PH.D. (Plant pathology); Dr. Prem Singh, NET, Ph.D. (AH & Dairying); Dr. Riyazuddin, Ph.D. (Agri. Ext.); Dr. Suresh Kumar Singh, NET, Ph.D. (Soil Science); Dr. Pradeep Kumar, M.Sc. (Agric. Economics)
Main facilities at the faculty are tractor trolley, maize sheller, micro-cultivator, seed drill, power thresher, pumping set, Sonalika thresher, Kamla thresher, 10HP-Sonalika thresher, radical compound microscope, Binocular microscope, Radical slide projector, dissecting microscope, slide cabinet, lawn mover (hand drawn and power), physical balance, analytical balance, autoclave, digital pH-meter, Sonalika tractor-35HA, cultivator, disc harrow, seed sowing machine, power tiller, power thresher-35HP, rotate vector, tractor pulley, lath machine, electric balding machine, power sprayer, hot plates, pH-meter, monolith thermometer, pan-evaporimeter, rain gauge, hot air oven etc. Beside these, all departments have ample amount of necessary minor articles for practicals.??

Chemistry Department
An under-graduate course is running under the self-finance scheme for B.Sc. students. Department has well furnished lecture theaters and labs for students. Dr. Utkarsh Saxena M.Sc., Ph.D. has been the in-charge of the Department since its start. Dr. Saxena attended two national seminars and presented papers into them. He has also published one paper in International journal.
Dr. Devendra Pal Singh joined the Department in 2008 and since been taking lectures and practical classes.
Mr. Manish Kumar, M.Sc., M.Phil. joined the Department in 2009. He has attended several national / international seminars and presented papers into them. He has published eight research papers in International journals.
Chemistry department consists of one furnished chamber for HOD, a room for staff, two lecture theaters, two well furnished labs, store room and a balance room. Main facilities at the labs are of vaccum pump, electric balance, pH-meter, physical balance, palarimeter, refectrometer, calorimeter, digital conductivity meter, flame photometer-digital, potentiometer, abbf.refctrometer, polorograph, spectrophotometer beside ample glassware and other basic articles.
Students of Department have been giving good results in University examination. Some students also worked for projects at Cardio Dept. and Surgery Dept. of UP-RIMS, Saifai. Students moving out of the Department have been pursuing higher studies at reputed Institutions and some of the students have procured positions in established companies.

Botany Department
Botany Department was established in 2004 under the self-finance scheme for under-graduate course of Botany for B.Sc. students. Dr. Anant Prakash, M.Sc., Ph.D., its current HOD joined the Department in 2005. He received his Ph.D. degree from MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly in 2003 for his work entitled “Effect of cytokinins and polyamines on nitrogen assimilation and growth in Poplar” under guidance of Prof.VP Singh at Plant Science Department. He has attended several national seminars and conferences and presented papers into them. He also attended one orientation course at Academic Staff College, Allahabad University, Allahabad in 2008. He has published one research paper in international journal.
Dr. Amit Yadav ?joined the Department in 2009. He has his Masters in Botany with specialization in Industrial Microbiology. He got his Ph.D. degree in 2008 on a topic “Effect of Cowpea Mosaic Virus on – Morphology & Reproductive Biology of Vigna sinensis (L.) Savi”. He has attended three national seminars and presented papers into them. He has published three research papers into international journal. He has certificates in NCC and is the in-charge of NCC wing at College.
Department consist of? one staff-room / departmental library, two lecture theaters, one laboratory, one store room, two classrooms, one museum and a lab-attendant room. Main facilities at the department are binocular / dissecting microscopes, inoculation chamber, plant press, vasculum, klinostat, physical balance, lux-meter, digital pH-meter and other accessories for under-graduate lab work.
Students passing out of Department are continuing their higher studies at reputed centers. Some of the students have started their careers in academics.

Physics Department
Physics department has been working under the self-finance scheme for under-graduate course since 2004. Dr. Dheerendra Singh Yadav, M.Sc.-Physics, Ph.D. (Solid State Physics) is its present HOD. He joined this Department in 2009 and since been actively engaged with academic activities. He has attended one international conference and presented papers in it. He has published five research papers in leading national and international journals of Physics.
Mr. Jitendra Singh M.Sc.-Physics (Electronics) has joined the Department in 2009.
Physics Department consist of one chamber for HOD, a staff room, two furnished lecture theaters, two well equipped labs, a store room and a dark room. Main facilities at lab are Anderson bridge, AC / DC ammeters, battery eliminator, battery charger, ballistic ammeter,ballistic galvanometer, battery lead accumulator, compass needle, carry foster bridge apparatus, Calendar & Griffith? bridge apparatus, copper voltmeter, sodium lamp, De-study bridge apparatus, electro-magnet with power supply, Watson-galvanometer, galvanometer spot, Morse key, lamp & scale arrangement, platinum thermometer, PO Box, potentiometer, rheostate, standard cell, tangent gal, triode valve apparatus, Polar meter, spectra meter, Const. deviation spectra meter, Bi-prism, Newton’s Ring apparatus, digital balance etc. Labs contain sufficient number / amount of articles for under-graduate lab work according to syllabus.

Mathematics Department
Mathematics is nested on the first floor of Science Faculty building. Departments runs course in Mathematics for B.Sc. students. Also faculty members assist in teaching mathematics and statistics syllabus in other Departments (e.g. Agriculture, Biotechnology, B.C.A., B.B.A. and Commerce Departments). This Department was established in 2004 under the self-finance scheme and since then students have been giving excellent results for the subject. Department was initially Headed by Dr. Gajanand Tiwari until 2008. Since then Dr. Karamvir Singh followed by Mr. Ariz Khan have been in-charge of this Department.? Mr.Ariz Khan has his M.Sc. and M.Phil degrees from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Mr. Pushpendra Singh who joined the Department recently has submitted his Ph.D. thesis, and awaiting its evaluation and award of Ph.D. degree.
Students from the Department have taken up higher studies or after qualifying the competitive examination for various services has picked up a suitable job. Some students have moved to M.B.A. and M.C.A., which are important courses in current job market.? Department consist of three lecture theaters, a chamber for HOD and a room for staff. All rooms are well furnished for the purpose.

Biotechnology Department
Biotechnology Department was established in 2004 and runs undergraduate course in Biotechnology as a subject in B.Sc. Department was initially headed by Mr. Dhirendra Singh M.Sc. (Botany), NET followed by Ms. Neha Rajput M.Sc. (Biotechnology), M.Phil until 2008.
Dr. Rajiv K.Vishnoi M.Sc.(Botany), UGC-JRF/NET, Ph.D. joined this Department in 2006 and has been the Head since 2008. He worked on “Tissue and Protoplast Culture studies in Millets” for his Ph.D. degree from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur in 1996. He also worked on Genetic Transformation of wheat and barley at Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research at Gatersleben, Germany from Feb1999 till Jan 2005. He has published 5 research papers in International journals and contributed chapters to edited books. He also attended several national and international seminars/ conferences. His specialization is in Cell Biology, Genetics, Mol. Biology, RDT and Plant Biotechnology. Three students got their M.Phil degree from Vinayaka Mission University, salem Tamilnadu in 2006-07 session working under his supervision.
Mr. Satish Pal, M.Sc. (Biochemistry), M.Phil also joined the Department in 2007. His PG specialization is in Biotechnology. His M.Phil. work is in Environment Science on a topic “Sewage water treatment in seed germination in plant growth of different plants” from Awadhesh Pratap Singh University, Reewa (MP). He also got training in water analysis from Advanced Training Institute, Mumbai and Spectroscopy at IIT Kanpur. He also got training on Plant Biotechnology and Mol. Biology from CIMAP, Lucknow. He has special interest in Biochemistry, Immunology, Biophysics and Animal Cell Culture. He is also engaged in lab work.
Biotechnology Department has a well furnished chamber for HOD, a staff room, two furnished lecture theaters, two well established labs, a transfer chamber with laminar air flow cabinets and a store room. Also Department has a Computer lab and a library room.
Main facilities at lab are for Biochemical test, PCR, Cooling ultra centrifugation, Electrophoresis, Spectrophotometery, Gas-chromatography, Gene-sequencing, BOD incubators, Laminar-air-flow cabinets, Colorimetry, Double-distillation, Vortex-mixing, Orbital shaking, Water-bath, Microscopy and Deep-freezing etc.
Department has a broadband connection for access to internet. Also there is one more computer unit attached for digital display to spectrophotometer and gas-chromatograph. Department is also equipped with facilities for LED projection for display and this is the first Department to use projector for Power point presentation and animations in regular classes.

Microbiology Department
Microbiology Department provides undergraduate course in Industrial Microbiology as a subject to B.Sc. students since 2004. Department had been headed by Ms. Sarita Kushwaha, M.Sc. (Microbiology ) and M.Phil., since its inception until 2010. She attended the Indian Science Congress at Ahemdabad (2005). A short two months training in plant tissue culture was also taken by her at Biotechnology Park, Lucknow.
Mr. Vikas Kushwaha joined the Department in 2006 and since been actively engaged in academic activities at classroom and laboratories. He has his PG in Microbiology from CSJM University, Kanpur. He got his M.Phil degree from Vinayka Mission Open University, Salem, Tamilnadu working on a topic “Drinking water quality evaluation and contamination of coliform from water source of Etawah region” under the guidance of Dr. Rajiv K. Vishnoi (HOD- Biotechnology Dept.). He attended a seminar at CSJM university, Kanpur and participated in the Vth Annual Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiology (UP chapter) held at Rural Institute of Medical Science and Research, Saifai in 2009.
Ms. Farah Ansari has joined the Department recently. She has PG degree in Microbiology with specialization in Environmental Microbiology from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University , Lucknow in 2009. Her M.Phil. degree is in Microbiology for her dissertation work entitled “Application of Microbes in Bio-remediation technology” from Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi in 2010.
Microbiology Department consist of one HOD chamber, staff room, two lecture theaters, two laboratories, one room for library, one room for computer laboratory, one transfer chamber and a store room.
Main facilities at laboratories are for isolation and culture of micro-organisms. Main equipments at the lab are BOD incubators, autoclaves, rotary shakers, deep freezer, medical centrifuges, vortex mixture and microscopes. Students perform experiments in isolation and culture of microorganisms from various sources, staining and their identification.?
Students graduating from the department have pursued their higher studies at various centers of excellence. Ms.Khushbu Gulani? (2008) ranked first in the merit list for admission to PG- Microbiology course at CSJM University, Kanpur.

. Zoology Department
This Department is also working under the self-finance scheme for undergraduate course in Zoology for B.Sc. students since 2004. Department has all facilities for under-graduate students. Department has qualified teaching staff. Faculty members include Dr. Renu Yadav, M.Sc., Ph.D.; Dr. Bonny Bhunia, M.Sc., Ph.D. and Dr. Tarun Yadav , M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. Renu Yadav has published two research papers and has attended two seminars. Dr. Bonny Bhunia has published seven research papers in journals and seminar proceedings. She has also attended two national seminars. Dr. Tarun Yadav has published one research paper and has attended one seminar and a workshop.
Department consists of one chamber for HOD/ staff, two lecture theaters, two well equipped labs, a store room and an attendant chamber. Lab has main facilities? for dissection of animals, microscopy, balances for measurement, colorimeter, hemoglobin meter, thermometer, BP-instrument, hygrometer, stethoscope, BOD-incubator, centrifuge, hot-air oven, electrophoresis, vertex-mixture, microtome, hemocytometer, kymograph, pH-meter etc. Department has all other facilities for lab work.?
Students passing out from the Department have got admission for PG course in esteemed institutions and centers of academic excellence. Some of the students have qualified exams for selection to various services and have made career into them.

Library and Information Science Department
Department has been working for B.Lib. course under the self-finance scheme since 2004. At present Arun K.Yadav , M.A., M.Lib. & I.Sc. has been working as its HOD. He has submitted his Ph.D. thesis and awaiting its evaluation and award of degree. He has attended one workshop at Ahmadabad for SOUL software and one International Seminar at Allahabad University in 2008. He has published two articles in Journal of Library and Information Management in 2010.
Vidur Singh B. Com., M.Lib. & I.Sc., M.Phil.? joined the Department? in 2007. He has been working sincerely for academic improvement of the students.
Ms. Manjula Chauhan B.Sc., M.Lib. & I.Sc. has joined the Department recently. She has attended one national; seminar on KOHA software at Jiwaji University in 2008. She also attended one International Conference at Delhi on Special Library Association.
Department consist of two lecture theaters, a chamber for HOD and a room for staff. Department is well furnished and a computer system with broadband internet connection is also available. Department has a departmental library to serve the needs of students.
Admissions and Result of B.Lib & I. Sci. for last five sessions




















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